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On this site you will find details on Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan), its history, training for health and a little about its use as a martial art. plus information on the other styles of the internal martial arts of China, as well information on Qi gong and Malaysian silat.

We are currently running Tai Chi Chuan and Qi gong classes in Worthing, Sussex (England) and the surroundings. Our classes are very friendly places and part of the Zhong Ding organisation that was set up by Nigel Sutton in 1987.

You will find a number of people, varying in age from their teens to their 70's who all enjoy their Tai Chi and come to practice.

Some people come to train for health and some to train the martial aspects. Everyone from beginner to those with experience are welcome.

We have a number of qualified instructors who teach and train at the club who will be very pleased to answer any of your questions. We teach the Tai Chi of Grand master Cheng Man-Ch`ing & San Feng Tai Chi Chuan, the original tai chi of Wudang Mountain, as well as various systems of Qi gong, Yang & San Feng Style Broadsword/ Straight sword, Fan, Spear, Walking stick, Kwai Tai Chi chuan, san shou, pushing hands, Gao family Baguazhang & Xingyiquan.

Beginners are always welcome and we also run beginners courses to introduce the syllabus to people.

A number of our instructors at the Sussex Zhong Ding Tai Chi club are involved with other internal energy based systems and martial arts, so we have provided some information about these here.

New beginners classes in Tai Chi have started and more will be starting soon.This site will be updated when they start, so keep on coming back to our site.

Take a look inside....

Come in and take a look at the sections that interest you. We run classes, courses in these disciplines so if you would like to take this further come along and join in and experience it for yourself